Doing the chores

Twin 1 is saving for a Nintendo Switch.

Presently, aside from their mini iPads, the only console at my children’s fingertips is a decade old Wii, which was bought for Hubster’s first child after the birth of our twins. Their brother was nearly ten, had spent all those years being the only child in his mother’s world, as well as Hubster’s and mine. We’d bought it as a way to keep him happy and occupied while we expired under the workload of caring for baby twins. Now, my three happily play on it sometimes, but it’s not the same as all the whizz-bang X-box and Playstation thingos.

Hubster and I have not given in to the trend of purchasing a device that will only end in tears. Theirs and ours. There are so many games and programs that we will flat out refuse to let them play (Fortnite anyone?) on such devices. Plus, we only have one very small living space and it’s also the area where I write. I don’t want bang-bang-shoot-em-up loud games happening around me while I’m delving into a world of my own making. It stymies creativity.

But the boys, especially T1, are savvy enough to realise that if he earns and saves the money, he holds the right to decide what to spend it on. Stupid us, for conveying that message in the first place. Anyway, T1 has asked what kind of chores he can do to earn more money. Apparently, $2 per coffee made for me each morning is not enough for his grand earning schemes. So, all good…there’s always jobs to be done.

He’s about to start weeding the front yard. When he’s done, the back patio needs sweeping, weeding and a general tidy up. The outdoor dining table can be cleaned and, when he’s done, the inside of the house can be vacuumed.

This is going to be interesting. Will the need, nay desire, for money outweigh his disdain for chores, helping around the home?

Let’s wait and see.


Photo by petradr on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Doing the chores”

  1. Reading this took me back to the time when my children were younger. I had a list of chores that needed doing and a $ sign next to it. There was a mad rush to the fridge each weekend to see how much money they could earn and then the inevitable fight “but I wanted to do that chore”!

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