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The last time I travelled internationally was to the US, in 2013. The time before that, it was 1999.

If I have wanderlust, it’s in slow-release form.

I do actually like to travel and would easily do more of it. The problem, however, is funding the wanderlust bug.

I saw an ad in the cinemas recently for a cruise in the Pacific and my mind raced ahead. I was on a cruise liner, the kids engaged in fun activities or swimming in one of the pools onboard. Hubster and I dining in style each night, watching movies in the ship’s cinema and relaxing poolside with cocktails or bubbles. As I let these thoughts wash over me, I closed my eyes…

Hubster was James Bond-esque, and I, naturally, the Bond Girl. I was wearing a haute couture gown, with killer heels. My makeup understated and perfect. My hair in a stylish up-do with tendrils framing my face. We were seated at the Captain’s table and enjoying small talk with those around us. I was sipping Veuve Clicquot and Hubster a deep, rich red. When dinner was over we retired to our cabins, checked on the kids and slept soundly, happily. The next morning, I donned my bathers and went straight to the pool, where I planted myself on a lounge with a book for the day, while the kids splashed and played nearby. I think Hubster must have had serious Bond work to do, as he didn’t feature in this part of my daydream. Ah, it was all so glorious, so relaxing…

‘Mum!’ hissed T1. I jumped, jolted back to reality. I was not a Bond Girl in a stunning Chanel gown, or relaxing on a pool lounge. I was at the movies with my three kids. ‘I’m just going to the toilet, OK?’ T1 said, once he was satisfied he’d caught my attention.

I nodded benignly. My dream was stolen, smashed into pieces by the harsh reality of watching Ralph Breaks the Internet. Quite possibly the dumbest, most boring kids’ movie I’ve ever seen. And trust me, I’ve seen a few over the last eight or so years.

I wriggled myself about in the recliner chair at the cinema, and ruefully realised my holiday on a cruise liner will have to wait. As will my plans for a relaxing break in Fiji or Bali or Thailand. Or even NSW or Queensland, for that matter. Wanderlust is real though, and dreams cost nothing. I closed my eyes again and willed myself back onto that ship, resting on the lounge.

What are your dreams of travelling?


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust”

  1. I never dream of cruising. In my mind cruise ships are floating buckets of vomit, diarrhoea, and people sharing other infectious diseases. I don’t think I’ll ever get a job as a ship’s doctor 😳😂

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