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Rehearsing for a role

I am so nervous I can barely think. It's stupidly hot and windy today, which also detracts from my ability to form cognitive thought. Why am I nervous, I hear you ask? One word: interview. I have been practicing all morning. I have been talking out loud in my home about my strengths and values,… Continue reading Rehearsing for a role

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The fault of others

Yesterday in Melbourne, George Pell was found guilty of child sex abuse. About time. Nearly two decades ago, I worked in administration for a Catholic adoption agency. My role mainly revolved around preparing documents for those adopted prior to the Adoption Act 1984, who were seeking information regarding birth parents, or knowledge of their birth… Continue reading The fault of others

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Gosh, life's got crazy round these 'ere parts. Consequently, I've neglected my writing on here and no doubt you've all been at a loss, pining for me and wondering when I will post again. Ta-dah! Pine no more, for I am here. I haven't been sitting in a chaise longue, reclining with needle and thread,… Continue reading Hello!

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The pretty garden

I ventured out for a walk. Earbuds pumped out music as I pounded the footpath. I passed a small suburban shopping centre, houses, three childcare centres, housing development sites and workers, and, as I began to head towards home, many shopfronts as I walked down a bustling street shopping strip. Trams rocked past, car horns… Continue reading The pretty garden

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Cheering others on

Yesterday, Hubster and I attended our children's primary school for weekly assembly. Our girl was receiving a Values Award. Each week, teachers observe the students in action, either at play or in the classroom, for behaviour that aligns with the school's key values: Respect, Community, Perseverance, Integrity and Innovation. They select a student who then… Continue reading Cheering others on