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The waiting game

This morning, I submitted a short story in the Australian Writers’ Centre Furious Fiction Competition.

The closing date is only a few short hours away. I opened a new blank page in Word and bashed out a story, quickly spewing out 500 words (actually fewer, 482, from memory) and clicked on SUBMIT.

I contemplated also posting the story here as, coincidentally, it contains today’s ragtag word prompt. But I decided against it, for two reasons: 1) the story must not be previously published. Some competitions count personal blogs as constituting publication, others don’t. This comp was unclear, so I erred on the side of caution; and, 2) most of my stories, frustratingly to me, have a similar theme. I don’t want you guys to roll your eyes when you read it and think, ‘Is this all she can do?’ Coz maybe it is! Hahaha.

My effort will be judged, along with others’, over the next two weeks.

And so I wait.

6 thoughts on “The waiting game”

  1. Most comps consider ePublishing as published, so safer (if you want a chance at the moolah) to not publish it here.
    I put one in, too. Haven’t managed to snag a spot yet, but it’s a bit of something that forces the words to work … Luck!

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    1. Oh dear! What hope do I have then, if you’ve not snagged a winner!?!?! 😳😁 You’re right tho all down to luck and timing. I’m in a few comps at the mo, too so a lot of waiting, holding breath for a glimmer of a chance. Also waiting to hear about job apps. It’s all I’m doing right now 🙄🤞

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