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Tough times

I thought I’d be employed by now.

Instead, I’ve not even been to an interview. This is discouraging.

Whenever anyone begins applications, there are a number of jobs where you reach higher than you think you should. For me, I’ve certainly done that. I’ve sent those apps off with a hearty chuckle and a thought along the lines of, ‘Well, no way I’m hearing from them!’ But there are other jobs I’ve applied for—the vast majority of them—where I’ve known that I have the ability, experience and tenacity to do the job. It’s perfect for me. So, I’ve sent the app off, with a humble thought of, ‘I should at least get an interview.’

I can’t tell you how disheartening it is to read the email that states: YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR THIS JOB. Sure, it’s not written in those words, they try to flair it up, put a pretty polish on it, but that is the sentiment. My will to keep searching skedaddles, along with my self-belief and drive.

But I don’t—and won’t—give up. Mainly because wolves are at the door, children need food, clothing, and other requirements. But also because I know I have the skills. I know I can do the job that I apply for. I know it’s a game and my time to win at this game will come. Eventually.

In the meantime, I keep working on my writing. Excruciating though that may be at the moment. Again, I am determined; I plough through it, certain in the knowledge that the only way to write is to write.

But frickidy-do-dah, sometimes life sucks the will to live out of you, right?


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