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What we live, we carry.

All our disappointments, hopes, dreams and failures become baggage.

T1 has very recently tried out for House Captain at his primary school. Over the last week, he has been writing an application and preparing a speech. He asked for Hubster’s and my opinion on what to include. He practiced the speech many times, listened when we advised him to slow down, make eye contact. On Thursday, he gave the speech to those within his house and waited expectantly as they each cast their anonymous vote. Yesterday, he discovered the outcome.

He came out of school dejected. I could tell straight away that the news was bad. We left school and came home where he cried and hugged me. I’ve never seen him so sad. Throughout the afternoon and evening, his spirits were low. He hardly spoke over dinner, in fact, he barely ate dinner.

Life is not fair. Sometimes we try our best, we work hard, put in the effort and things still don’t go our way. T1 has learnt a huge life lesson. The trick for him now is to manage his disappointment, not to let it outweigh any future attempts trying for leadership positions. In any situation, not just his schooling.

T1 will carry this moment, as baggage, for his life. Sometimes it may seem heavy and cumbersome, and the recollection of yesterday’s experience may well prevent him from trying new things. Other times, hopefully more frequent, it will be a just a long ago happening, a distant memory of something not turning out in the way he wanted. He’ll shrug off the sensation of disappointment and find his inner strength to give things a go.

Often baggage has a negative connotation to it. I think baggage is everything though, as noted above, it’s our dreams and hopes, as well as our failures. Baggage makes us the person we are today.

Embrace the person you are. Love yourself and live life well, baggage and all.


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