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A message from the past

Yesterday, I received a message to connect with someone over LinkedIn. I usually have a quick look to see if I recognise the name, and if I don’t, I delete.

I didn’t recognise the name, but this one had a message attached.

Twelve years ago, pregnant with T1 and T2, I was working full-time for a government-funded initiative that organised pathways into further education and employment opportunities to secondary school students. There were many projects on offer in the various schools in the region and it was a rewarding and exciting role for me. No two days were the same.

One project that I helped create was for students interested in visual arts, filming and production. The students made an application to me stating why they wanted to be a part of this innovative project, their future goals in the workforce, you know…the usual suspects. Once the successful students were selected, we got down and dirty. We created a video with Honda MPE, under their instruction and tutelage, showing the correct way to remove a helmet from an injured motorbike rider. Our contact from Honda MPE had extensive experience in television production in Melbourne during the 70s. We were in good hands.

This project was a lot of fun. I actually had a starring role as a pedestrian. I had to scream in horror at witnessing the ‘accident’, run (please remember I was visibly pregnant. With twins. Need I say more?) towards the injured rider. That was the extent of it. But right then and there, my future as an actress cast beside Brad Pitt in a blockbuster fell away. I was hopeless. And I have a copy of the video to prove it.

Back to the LinkedIn message and ensuing connection. It was from one of the students involved in the making of this video. He remembered me, that I was pregnant at the time, and guessed at how old they would be now. I was extremely chuffed, humbled even, that he remembered me and reached out to me over social media. He’s gone onto build a career in film production. Bravo!

It got me thinking. We leave a mark, wherever we go, whoever we meet. Our connections with others are important. We are observed and our interactions critical. Let’s never fall into the trap of thinking that we don’t matter, or that what we do doesn’t matter. Because it does to somebody.



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