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Yesterday was not my love day. Valentine’s Day is not a big thing in my home; growing up in Adelaide in the 70s and 80s it was not even a big thing in Australia.

But now, like so many other things, Australians have taken it to heart (see what I did there?). And nothing wrong with that, for what could possibly be negative about spending a day thinking about love and all that goes with it: kindness, respect, intimacy, to name but a few.

This year, however, Hubster decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day, by purchasing cards and chocolates for our three children. They were excited, especially our girl. T1 and T2 mainly just interested in the chocolates. Importantly, love was sprinkled like rain drops.

For me, my love day is my wedding anniversary. A day where I remember the moment I walked in the doors to the chapel, and glanced at Hubster (to be) at the end of aisle, tears misting his eyes already. I remember walking the length of the aisle with my Dad, barely keeping his own tears of pride at bay. I remember feeling the eyes of everyone on me, anxiety bubbled within my tummy. I remember wondering if that anxiety would manifest itself in regurgitating my breakfast, tears, or crazy laughter.

On my wedding anniversary, I spend time thinking about the day, and all the days since that Hubster and I have shared. Haven’t always felt the love, to be honest. Days of boredom, anger, disappointment have been in the mix, along with relief, happiness, love and contentment.

And that, to me, brings an increase to our intimacy.

Of course, a person need not be married to feel intimate moments. They come in any relationship. So enjoy love in whatever form it presents itself to you.


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