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Day out

I am just returned from an all-day date in the city with Hubster. Our morning began with a special assembly at school where we watched T1 and T2 receive their leavers jumpers. I glimmered with pride as my boys were presented with their jumpers by their prep buddies; both of my boys gave their buddy… Continue reading Day out

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Stealing dreams

A corridor beckons, with a glimmer of light, a speck at the end. You begin to tread its length, the light becomes brighter, stronger. When you are close enough to shield your eyes from the stark glare, a shadow emerges and slams a door leaving you trapped in darkness. Alone. Blind. Groping to find a… Continue reading Stealing dreams

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Hazy mornings

The mornings are dark and crisp. Autumn is my favourite season. Well, I love winter, too. I suppose autumn serves as a signpost for me: of cooler air, dark evenings, biting winds, wood fires, coats, scarves, tights and boots. This morning I woke, snuggled under the doona, in a haze. Confused. My sleep so deep… Continue reading Hazy mornings

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At the day spa (short fiction)

Maya needed this. Her shoulders were tight, her jaw clicky. She'd phoned last week, immediately after their fight, just as James was skulking out the door. Lately, it was all turning to shit. Work sucked. Her new boss was micro-managing her. After fifteen years, Maya didn't need a millennial peering over her shoulder. And last… Continue reading At the day spa (short fiction)

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In my closet

Ah, my closet. It's full of clothes, and yet I have nothing to wear. It contains work clothes: suit pants, shirts and jackets from over ten years ago. Pretty dresses, two sizes too small. Why do these still hang in my wardrobe? I have no real answer. Only that they cost a substantial amount of… Continue reading In my closet