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The lot of parents

As parents, Hubster and I are about to drown in an avalanche of activities, all crammed into Saturday mornings.

This is what parents do, I guess. I remember my own parents, shuffling me and my two brothers to different sports on Saturdays. And now it’s my turn.

For all of last year, I coached my girl’s netball team. This year, I am coaching hers and another, as the level of interest from her school friends and within the local community has grown enough to field two teams. T2 sees his tutor on Saturday mornings, and has done since the last few months of 2018. And now, we’ve just received word that T1 has a place this coming season in a soccer team, in the club’s social competition. There was a glimmer of a chance that the soccer games would be early afternoon, but no, they are held in the mornings too.

Life is about to get really interesting. But we will make it work.

I firmly believe that team sports are an important learning tool for children. Maybe even a rite of passage. I’ve been drilling this into my three cherubs for many years. Now that T1 has a place in the club, I can’t back down simply because the logistics may become a little difficult for Hubster and me to manage. From April until August, on Saturday mornings, we will find it hard. I daresay, stress will wrestle itself out in a myriad of ways. We will feel overwhelmed often, rushed too.

Team sports are not for everyone, I know. Like T2 for example. It’s just not his bag. But he gave a team sport – futsal – a good go for a couple of years. So I’m OK with that. Besides, our focus with T2 now is to help him build on his learning, to make his pathway into teenage years and adulthood as smooth as possible.

But for my girl and now T1, I will do everything I can to see them develop and grow as team members, and hopefully even succeed in their chosen sport.

Even if it means going a little crazy!


9 thoughts on “The lot of parents”

  1. I enjoyed team sports at school, but I preferred swimming. I enjoyed the solitude of the black line. The watering whooshing in my ears during a race. Most of all, knowing success and failure was on me and I wouldn’t contribute to the failure of others (except in relay races).

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    1. Gah, swimming! Lessons for my 3 nearly killed me. Certainly the fight each week after school to get there drained me of the will to live. I took them long enough to have faith they won’t drown, but we pulled out a few years back. I’m not a strong swimmer either…don’t put my face in the water nor do I like getting my hair wet. Princess!?!?🙄

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      1. We’re not all meant for the aquatic pursuits 😂
        I can’t run, stupid knees. I reckon if I played netball, my ACL would go in an instant.

        Best sporting competition I have ever seen was that Commonwealth games final between Australia and New Zealand when it went to the wire. Most thrilling sport I’ve ever watched.

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      2. Netball is great! So much fun! I coach now, but like you, if i tried to play I reckon I’d break everything, starting with a snap of achilles heel! My feet, knees and back are shot. Honestly trying to keep up during training, pracrice matches, when I umpire is terrifying! 😁

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  2. Good on you for rising to this challenge! We spent many a Friday night, Saturday & Sunday at Albert Park Basketball stadium with our two boys and became hugely involved in the sport ourselves. It became a major family activity for such a large percentage of their primary & secondary (and beyond) years. The one aspect that was fortunate was the fact that both wanted to participate in the same sport, playing, coaching and refereeing. Not sure how we would have coped if they had chosen different activities though.

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