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A star surprise

Last night, Hubster and I watched A Star is Born. I have been wanting to watch it for a long time, so settled myself on the couch, reclined comfortably and…

And now I need counselling. That movie traumatised me.

I have never seen any previous adaptations, so I did not know the grief in store. Sure, I’d heard the song—not Shallows, the other one, I’ll never love again—but hadn’t paid enough attention to the lyrics to gauge what was going on. I won’t give away any spoilers, just in case I wasn’t the last person on earth not to know the story line, but prepare yourself peeps. Keep tissues handy.

After the movie, with tears streaming down my cheeks, Hubster asked if I was OK. Nodding was all I could do. If I tried to answer, the words would become lost in a barrage of sobs. I walked to our room, hopped into bed, still the tears flowed. I sniffed, my pillow became damp, I got up, grabbed more tissues. I took a long time to drift to sleep. Now, late morning, I am bone-tired. I still can’t think much about the movie. In fact, I had to use Google to discover the title of the song, and began to cry again while reading the lyrics.

However, I did enjoy the movie (before the ending, that is). It was shot almost like a documentary. To that end, I had trouble removing the character of Ally from Lady Gaga herself. Many times I found myself wondering how much of Ally’s rise to pop queen resembled Gaga’s own star rising, albeit without the help of a well-known country and western singer.

Bradley Cooper was just great in his role; the best drug and alcohol-addled character I’ve seen. He was quite believable. And gorgeous to watch, too.

Their characters’ chance meeting and subsequent romance showed me how much fate is at play in our lives. Ally’s rise to reach her dream is inspiring, but the simultaneous aspect of her and Jack’s personal life breaking down also displayed how, while you can achieve a life-long dream, sometimes it doesn’t make your entire world brighter. And love isn’t always all we need, especially when battling demons.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to achieve our dreams. Go on, reach a little harder today. Whatever your dream is, aim for it.


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