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In my closet

Ah, my closet. It’s full of clothes, and yet I have nothing to wear.

It contains work clothes: suit pants, shirts and jackets from over ten years ago. Pretty dresses, two sizes too small. Why do these still hang in my wardrobe?

I have no real answer. Only that they cost a substantial amount of money, plus they are evidence of how slim I used to be. I sometimes hold them up and marvel at the labels, the sizes.

All the clothes that I wear now hang in the same space, too, yet they bore me. They’re drab, big and unflattering.

My closet also contains many pairs of shoes, most of which I can’t ever wear again. The heels are too high; my feet too painful from heel spurs and plantar fasciitis for me to even look at those shoes, let alone wear them. I hold onto them, just in case I am presented with a miraculous occasion of a sit-down function, and for a sense of nostalgia.

My closet is a museum of sorts. It holds remnants of the woman I used to be. But it’s current too. It reflects the woman I am now, with all my foibles and extras.


8 thoughts on “In my closet”

  1. I’m slowing going through the process of discarding clothes. I know some I’ll never wear again because as much as I aspire to losing three sizes, it just seems so unlikely. There are also shirts I bought while on a holiday in Hong Kong in 2004 which were so well made, they still look to good, but sadly my neck will not allow me to button the collar for a tie to sit well.
    There are also ‘thermal’ garments which I bought when I first moved to Canberra. What saddens me most is that I no longer need them because I seem to have acclimatised to the antarctic cold we have in Canberra. I wonder how I might cope if I returned to Darwin to live now. Of course, it may not be acclimatisation, but the layer of blubber which I wear now as not only a winter coat, but an all year around coat…

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  2. I have a similar problem with clothes, I can never understand why the waist on my trousers keep shrinking. The answer of course is to go mad with a diet and exercise program which will get you back into all the old clothes you want to wear, unfortunately this then leaves you with the problem of what to do with the clothes that have then become too large. I have now come to accept I will never get back to the days when I did dance class every day and smoked 80 Marlboro and weighed 7 3/4 stone and I don’t think I would like to go back there! The clothes that I really like that are able to be altered I keep and the stuff that is too small I throw out and try to grow old gracefully, or is it disgracefully!

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      1. I’m now acquiring another wardrobe as we are attending Forties events in my 1947 Bentley, I can’t afford to get to the point where I have two sets of clothes that don’t fit me so am trying to maintain my current weight by cutting down my intake of lager, although not with great success!

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