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Day out

I am just returned from an all-day date in the city with Hubster.

Our morning began with a special assembly at school where we watched T1 and T2 receive their leavers jumpers. I glimmered with pride as my boys were presented with their jumpers by their prep buddies; both of my boys gave their buddy a gentle pat on their arm and a quiet thank you. I should add here that not every Year 6 student did likewise with their own buddy.

After copious photos and tears trickling constantly from my eyes (I can’t imagine my emotional state come graduation later this year), Hubster and I trammed into the city. We enjoyed a coffee in one of Melbourne’s stylish laneways, some retail therapy in Bourke St Mall and lunch in yet another chic laneway. Once full to elegant sufficiency, we purchased a few small gifts for our girl’s upcoming 9th birthday, then hopped on board a tram again to be back in time for the 3:30PM school bell.

My heart is full, bursting against my ribs. Three men in my life and not a weasel among them.

Today anyway. Who knows what tomorrow brings?


Photo by Linda Xu on Unsplash

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