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Sign ups (short fiction)

A young woman approached the cordoned off area. Her steps tentative, unhurried. Max, standing among the group already behind the rope, watched her arrive. A rolled-up mat slung over her left shoulder bounced off her butt cheek, while her long blonde ponytail swung from side to side as she walked closer. Her long thin legs… Continue reading Sign ups (short fiction)

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Defeated, destroyed, dejected

At what point do you pull up stumps? When do you know you've given something your best shot and it's time to try something new? Do you ever think to yourself, maybe I'm not as good at <insert activity> as I initially thought. Or is it just me that is wracked with self-doubt? As my… Continue reading Defeated, destroyed, dejected

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Good Feeling

I'm back from my second boxing circuit session. Body broken, aching and crying with each movement. But it's a good feeling. I know the pain is coming from being active, using muscles that have not been properly used for a long time. I know that the more movement I incorporate, the better I'll feel and… Continue reading Good Feeling

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A boxing start

I am knackered, if I may be so bold. This morning, after dropping the kids at school, I walked to the local park to join a fitness session. I was informed about this free initiative by another school mum over the weekend and registered immediately. I've cancelled my gym membership, you see. Late last year,… Continue reading A boxing start

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Sinking (short fiction)

The slight bump made no sense. Sarah was accustomed to the gentle swaying, rocking. But this was a definite bump. And she definitely heard a groan, too, low and rumbling underneath the bump. Sarah looked around her, desperate to find Andy. Where was he? They were standing next to each other in the large dining… Continue reading Sinking (short fiction)