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Fishing and writing

I cast off my doubts surrounding ideas for today’s word prompt and decided to throw myself in, like a fishing line into a body of water. I’ve never fished in my life, but I know that those who do never know if anything will tug on the line, but they fish anyway. They wait, wait, and finally feel a pull.

There is a connection there between fishing and writing. Somewhere, tenuous, but it’s there. I throw myself in, and wait. Doubts increase when I don’t feel the tug, causing me to consider packing up and heading home. To put all the fishing tackle back in its box, bury it in the back of a cupboard and never attempt it again. And just as I begin to do so, to shut down my laptop, I feel the tug. The words flow: some bad, some good; I know which words will survive the edit. Like a fishermen, there are fish to be thrown back in the water, others are placed in the esky and cherished.

My second manuscript is still stalled. I’m stuck in too many plot holes, characters who need a personality overhaul, in both positive and negative ways. I am guilty of dark thoughts: I should forget about it; it’s not worth it; maybe a better writer could finish it. But glimmers of light brighten my outlook in small ways. Reading through the manuscript yesterday, I found nuggets of gold in there. I like the premise, so I have to tackle it. No one else can write this story in this way. It’s mine for the…well…writing. And yes, it’s hard. Frustrating. Fun. Terrifying. Satisfying. I will push through, cast off my anxieties about this piece of work.

And anyway, today is a good day. It is the day the anthology, featuring my first-ever published work, is launched and released. Link provided later, after the official launch this afternoon, just in case anyone is interested πŸ™‚




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