Fiction, Melbourne, Relationship and marriage, Writing

Cafe Breakup (short fiction)

‘But you can’t break up with me!’ Stella cried. Her voice pierced the ambience in the cafe. She bit her lip, desperate to hold back tears.

‘Stella,’ Robbie replied. Stella watched his eyes dart about the open space, then down to the floor. He was avoiding looking directly at her. ‘This isn’t working. For me.’

‘But what about me? I think we’re perfectly fine.’ She pouted a little and wriggled in her seat.

‘I’ve been seeing someone else.’

An audible gasp escaped from Stella’s mouth; the other diners looked their way. She glanced around, embarrassed but undeterred. ‘What? How could you?’

‘I told you, we’re not working as a couple. I’m bored.’ Robbie stood, threw a twenty on the table and as he adjusted the waistband of his pants, said, ‘Chalk it up to experience, Stell.’


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