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The Twins

My twin loves. Not identical, but still mischievous.

Eleven now, so different to each other, but similar in many ways too. Connected by a force I can’t possibly understand. I see it, I hear it, but the depth of their attachment evades me. No matter what goes down between them, they always look after each other. They are truly partners for life.

Born before 35 weeks, they spent almost two weeks in Special Care Nursery. I don’t know who was more fragile at this time: them or me. I suspect it was me. Overwhelmed, ill-prepared and ill-equipped for motherhood.

Parenting twins is fun, tricky and exhausting. Sometimes their twinning wins battles, other times Hubster and I employ the divide and conquer method to resounding effects.

They are my boys. And I am proud beyond measure.


7 thoughts on “The Twins”

    1. Nice of you to say though I’m sure there are many times when they feel not so fortunate 😁 e.g. not allowing them to play Fortnite, restricting overall iPad use, forcing them to finish taekwondo and get their black belt, to name a few examples 😂😂

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  1. And, so you should be! They sound delightful!
    Take it on the chin … I was the crowned many a time, worst mother in the world, when setting boundaries! A crown I was happy to wear, because it comes with the territory!

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      1. Well done! My young adult son used to work in a games store when he was younger and often dissuaded parents from buying age inappropriate games for their kids but they would bypass that by saying it was for them. It made him appreciate my boundary setting!

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