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For someone who loves books, to feel the weight of a book in her hand, and to actually own the book I'm reading, I have very little space to store said books once I've read them. Yet, converting to electronic versions, I just can't do. I know not why. I understand the positives behind electronic… Continue reading Books

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Cafe Breakup (short fiction)

'But you can't break up with me!' Stella cried. Her voice pierced the ambience in the cafe. She bit her lip, desperate to hold back tears. 'Stella,' Robbie replied. Stella watched his eyes dart about the open space, then down to the floor. He was avoiding looking directly at her. 'This isn't working. For me.'… Continue reading Cafe Breakup (short fiction)

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Behind enemy’s door (short fiction)

With stealth, I pass through the open gate. I feel each heart beat like a strike on a timpany; it shudders to my core. I step towards the front door. Lift my hand to the brass knocker. My fingers are trembling, shaking. I take a deep breath, and remind myself this is my childhood home.… Continue reading Behind enemy’s door (short fiction)

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Engagement Party (short fiction)

A hush falls over the room as I walk inside. Faces turn to stare. I tentatively cross the parquet floor towards the bar. I need a drink, something to hold, something to lubricate the evening. I see Merrily standing with Harry, her hand covering her mouth. But her eyes, her eyes are on me. I… Continue reading Engagement Party (short fiction)

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Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has paid my home a visit. Overnight, he stole inside our home, leaving a trail of Cadbury's hunting eggs from the back door to hiding spots around the lounge area. Also littered around the house were the small, solid Easter eggs. Yum. I hope they share. T1 and T2 were up first,… Continue reading Easter Bunny