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A mentor

Here in Australia, netball is the team sport with the highest number of registered players. It is largely played by females, but boys and men are welcome to participate. Netball Australia, some years back, incorporated a skill development program for 7-8 year olds, called NetSetGo. Across every state and territory in Australia, this program runs every year. It is where they learn the basics of the sport. It is where they test the water, find out if they enjoy it and want to continue with it.

Two years ago, I started coaching my daughter and her school friends among her year level. That group, numbering seventeen girls aged around nine or ten years old, is now participating in competition matches on Saturday. Netball is seven-per-side, so I coach two teams (at different times but same location) on Saturday mornings and we train as one squad every Thursday after school.

And today, I welcomed the next intake of girls to begin NetSetGo. Yippee, we had fun. Each Thursday morning, I will guide and instruct this group on ball handling skills, help them develop netball skills and teach them the fun of playing in a team sport.

That means I coach two squads from two separate age groups. One group of eighteen 7 year-olds, and one group of seventeen 9-10 year-olds. All of them girls, all of them learning how to play the best-ever team sport. I guess you could call me a mentor. Whatever the label, it is a huge privilege for me and I love every second of it.


**This is not meant to sound like I’m big-noting myself. Just struggling to come up with a story for the word prompt today**


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