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A wish for coffee

I am presently fasting. Not due to any religious, health or political reasons, just because I have a scheduled appointment with a physician later this morning.

I wish I chose a later time slot.

It’s not hunger that’s bothering me. I am a bit peckish, but coping. It’s the coffee. I can feel a headache lurking, I’m starting to fidget and get snappish. You see, it’s almost 10AM here, and normally, by this time of day, I am ready for my second coffee.

Ah, the bliss of coffee. Oh, how I long to be sipping the bitter, tasty nectar of the gods. Even to smell a freshly made cup would be nice…although, I wonder…could I simply smell it? Or would I dive in and sip, rather gulp, until the cup is empty? No doubt in my mind, I would gulp it down! Clearly, I am addicted to caffeine. I don’t care. As vices go, it’s not a bad one.

But right now, I have to forgo my favoured hot brew. I’ve arranged this appointment, and I need to see it through to its finish. And then, I’ll have a coffee!



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