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The View (short fiction)

‘Oh my! Look at that view,’ exclaimed Georgie.

She took a moment to take it in, wriggled out of her backpack and let it slump to the ground. The valley beneath them, Georgie stared across at the deep green mountains in the distance set against the bright blue of the sky. Tall pine trees covered the upward slopes, and scattered at the base of the trunks she could make out the golden hue of daffodils.

Tony slung his arm around her, pulled her in close and her head nestled against his chest. ‘That’s where we’re headed, babe,’ he said, pointing to the pinnacle. ‘We’d best get going if we’re to set up camp before nightfall.’

‘Just a minute. I want to take a photo,’ she murmured, still gazing at the scene while taking her phone from her pocket. She set it to camera, pointed and pressed the button. She fiddled with more buttons on her phone, and with two fingers zoomed in on the image. ‘It’s so beautiful, isn’t it, Tone?’

‘Yeah,’ he replied, absentmindedly. ‘It’s breathtaking.’

Georgie spluttered with laughter. ‘Tone, you sound like you’re 75!’ Her giggles echoed across the chasm. ‘Who says breathtaking anymore!’

She was still laughing as she slipped her phone into her pocket, picked up her backpack and followed Tony down the hill. He was a doofus, no doubt about it, but he was her doofus and she loved him.


Photo by Ales Krivec on Unsplash



4 thoughts on “The View (short fiction)”

    1. Ooops, sorry!! 😳 The first thing that jumped to mind with the word prompt was Seinfeld’s The Hamptons, where Elaine gets confused by the handsome pead’s use of the word. So basically felt I had to make something up rather than drivel on about my love for that TV show. And yet, I have still managed to go on about it…fancy that 😂

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