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Moment of realisation

My cheeks flush pink as the realisation hits: my second manuscript is shite. Well, that's probably a little harsh, even coming from me. However, in order to get anywhere, I need to do even more massive structural changes. Either that, or ditch it altogether—and that option is not an option. It's over 54k words at… Continue reading Moment of realisation

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Today's memory-making moment: T1 scores header goal in soccer, from outside the box. His team loses, but he is named Man of the Match. Who's a proud mumma?     Image sourced:  

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I've been working so hard during my fitness sessions, I need to give my body time to regenerate. So, I pulled out of boxing yesterday and yoga today. Every muscle is sore, not in an achy, it's-been-a-while-since-I-used-this-muscle way either. Pain, tightness, creaks and groans. Moving is difficult, bending near impossible. A few days to rest… Continue reading Rest

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The View (short fiction)

'Oh my! Look at that view,' exclaimed Georgie. She took a moment to take it in, wriggled out of her backpack and let it slump to the ground. The valley beneath them, Georgie stared across at the deep green mountains in the distance set against the bright blue of the sky. Tall pine trees covered… Continue reading The View (short fiction)

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A show for the neighbours (short fiction)

Her tummy feels off. It's gurgling, churning, blustery like a storm's brewing. She doesn't have a high temp and she's otherwise fine, so she leaves the house to make her way to the train station. Work has been busy lately, her boss all over her in the way only a micromanager can be. It's better… Continue reading A show for the neighbours (short fiction)