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In a taxi

A ride in a taxi makes me think of going places. To the airport, or the city for a boozy dinner with friends. It's fun, full of anticipation and excitement. I like to drive, but there's something...fancy...about sitting in the backseat, being the only passenger while someone ferries me somewhere. I don't have to talk… Continue reading In a taxi

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Melanie's gut is twisted in a knot. Her brain is mush, nothing makes sense. She scrambles to remember. Something. Anything, before the world went black. Her body sags. Her shoulders slump. She is thirsty, her tongue is scratchy in her mouth. Footsteps. 'Melanie,' a voice calls. Her heart pumps harder, faster. 'Are you thirsty? I've… Continue reading Amnesia

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My promise

In a measly forty minutes, school holidays begin. This means you, my friends out there, will be bored senseless with tales of my impatience, my head exploding by constant requests for snacks, iPads, and expensive trips to the movies. I promise, though, I will try not to chart every excruciating, minute detail which, honestly, only… Continue reading My promise

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The Author

I hesitate to continue. Not so long ago, I had a flair for this. But that was before the spa incident. Looking around the auditorium, I see a crowd of faces, over two hundred I estimate. All strangers bar a few. Those that are known to me smile widely, as if urging me, like a… Continue reading The Author

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Erica’s birthday present

Her delicate fingers tied the bow. She took her time, fiddling, adjusting. It had to be right. The present had to look pretty. When she was satisfied, she gave the gift a gentle nudge. Admiring her finesse, she rose from her seat, smiling. 'Annabeth,' called her mother. 'Is your aunt's present wrapped yet?' 'Just finished… Continue reading Erica’s birthday present