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Sunday Morning

It’s all a bit bleak.

Out the window I see grey skies, and possum poo scattered over the patio tiles. The rosebushes in the front yard, although not in my view, need pruning. Inside, it’s warm, cosy. Kids in their pyjamas, breakfast dishes strewn over cupboard tops, tables and in the sink.

I need another coffee before I begin to clean up.

What I’d like to do is fly away, perhaps to somewhere sunny and warm, but I am not a spendthrift. Besides, there’s no surplus to squander.

So, home I shall stay, with my beloved crew, where contentment and love outshine the gloom.



2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning”

  1. I’ve just swept the balcony and removed faeces from various birds and mammals.
    I’ve had three coffees and expect there will be more to come.
    Oh, I agree, how I crave a warm and humid place to sit and ponder and think.
    Have a good Sunday afternoon Linda.

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