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Lisbeth’s Moment

Lisbeth almost missed the tram to work. She skipped the last few metres to the stop, humming a tune. She hopped on board, touched her phone against the ticket machine and, walking towards a seat, paused to give way to an older gentleman. 'Please, you take the seat,' Lisbeth motioned with her hand. 'Bless you.… Continue reading Lisbeth’s Moment

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Surviving a fall

Help. In her mind, the word is shouted. But no noise comes out, despite her mouth opening wide. Where is she? She tries to glimpse her surroundings, but all she sees is black. Her clothes are damp, her jeans especially. She feels around her; a trickle of water streams underneath, she touches a grassy carpet.… Continue reading Surviving a fall

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'Does taking inventory of your life help?' Betty asked the counsellor. She was not convinced how taking stock of her childhood would help her move forward. 'Yes, Betty,' replied Sal. Her make-up was flawless. Not overly done, but Betty could tell she knew what she was doing. Her brows, though! Thick with dye or tint… Continue reading Escape

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Shelley’s Fight

Shelley rose from her seat, her lips tight, jaw firm. Her fists were clenched, ready. The woman across from Shelley glared at her. Despite an overwhelming desire to lean over and thump her, Shelley lowered herself back into the chair. She smiled at the woman, nodded, 'It's fine. I'm fine.' The woman spat into Shelley's… Continue reading Shelley’s Fight

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The farm

I kneel at the veggie patch, hooked like a crone. I am tending the soil for the new tomato seeds. 'Hello, little soil-world,' I say kindly, for I believe the soil is its own community, an eco-system of bacteria, grubs and funghi. 'I'm giving you a nice brush, get you ready to meet your new… Continue reading The farm