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The non-post

Was about to write a post about vampires and the absence of the odour of garlic, but Hubster, in his logic and wisdom, suggested I should not, due to its wider implications. Will therefore dangle this juicy carrot for you all to salivate and ponder. Hope you've all had a good day, bloggers!    … Continue reading The non-post

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Visitors at the campsite

Becky sat under the canopy of stars, holding a mug full of whiskey. The night air felt thick and constricting. She breathed in, deep into her lungs before kicking dirt over the fire. She walked to the tent, where Matt was snoring. Damn it. Knowing she'd be unable to drift off to sleep with Matt's… Continue reading Visitors at the campsite

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A good day

It's Monday evening here. If I could work out the time difference mentally, I'm sure that Monday's daily word prompt is about to be uploaded. However, this relates to Sunday's prompt... On reflection, I've had a good day. I started at my new job. I went in quite nervous. There's a lot of technical jargon… Continue reading A good day

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Kate and Rosa

Life is about to change for Kate. She's holding a cup of tea, thinking about the fallout from Rosa's revelation the night before. 'Now that you're all here, I need to tell you this celebration isn't just about Kate's birthday.' Rosa spoke confidently while she looked around the crowd, but avoided eye contact with Kate.… Continue reading Kate and Rosa

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Dinner for Two

'I will get dinner ready. You open a bottle of wine,' Milly said. 'Where do you keep the wine?' Christian asked, glancing around the kitchen for clues. Milly smiled while she chopped carrots. She inclined her head towards the hallway and said, 'Second door on the left. There's a wine rack next to the sideboard.… Continue reading Dinner for Two