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Bed Sheets

Changing the sheets on the kidlets’ beds (AKA: A weekly dash of temporary madness).


3 x Children’s beds (1 bunk, 1 single)

3 x Pyjamas, still worn by children.

1 x chilly morning, with nowhere to be

3 x single bed sheets



Call out to children, who are all lazing in front of the television. Be ignored. Call louder, using terse tone. Listen for grumbling. Ask children to perform simple task of taking off sheets. Listen for further grumbling. Implore for their help. Mutter under breath numerous expletives and phrases, such as, ‘when I was your age I was making my own bed and using the washing machine’. Suggest children get dressed. Hear cries of revolt. Change suggestion to directive. Load all sheets and PJs into washing machine. Head back to bedrooms to make beds with fresh, clean sheets. Bump head on top bunk while tucking in flat sheet on lower bed. Clamber up and down ladder to make top bunk. Huff and puff. Get finger caught in wooden lip on single bed. Dream of the ability to hire a weekly cleaner to a) clean the house, and b) change children’s bedsheets.



5 thoughts on “Bed Sheets”

  1. Last week as I was making my bed I tore the hem line from the sheet creating a large gash. I’d had that set of sheets for about ten years and the ends (I alternate when making the bed) had got a little thinner from the rough dry skin of my heels rubbing as I sleep. I thought I’d treat myself to new sheets.
    I am so grateful Myer had an EOFY sale on, although why are sheets relevant to the financial year?
    I bought a Sheridan sheet set soft sateen 400 thread count Egyptian cotton. I know the teleconference isn’t remarkable, but the soft sateen finish does feel luxurious.

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