The Liebster Award

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award by faithfullyyours2017 at https://thepoeticmeblog.wordpress.com

Thanks for the nomination!

There is a lot to get through—forgive me if I miss some aspects—but here goes:

Eleven facts about me:

  1. I am married to a great man, affectionately dubbed on my blog as Hubster
  2. We have three children: T1 and T2 (twin boys) and Our Girl
  3. Writing is the way I sort through all my jumbling thoughts and emotions
  4. I have written one manuscript, which I’m actively trying to get published through traditional channels, and working on my second.
  5. I’m looking for a permanent job, despite loving freelance work it’s too random given the twins are going to secondary school next year.
  6. I am sister to two older brothers.
  7. I grew up in Adelaide, South Australia.
  8. Moved to Melbourne in my mid-20s to work for a fundamental Christian organisation.
  9. Left that role shortly after I turned 30. It was more than enough to turn me off religion.
  10. I went to university to begin my undergrad in my early 40s—all my children were pre-schoolers.
  11. I love my life, my friends, my family.

My answers:

  1. How important is Wi-Fi for you? Is warm running water or wireless internet more important? Wifi is important, but warm running water much more so.
  2. Name your favourite blogger (any genre) Cage Dunn her stories are always so consuming for the reader, plus she’s very generous with her comments and suggestions to me as an emerging writer.
  3. If you have to pick a place to settle down forever, where would it be and why? Pretty happy here in Melbourne, although if pushed I wouldn’t mind moving to a larger home but in the same suburb.
  4. What is one silly moment you’ve had that you’d like to share? I stole 20 cents from the church collection plate as a young girl (not sure if that’s silly or bordering on criminal, but it’s all I can think of).
  5. What is your favourite trait about yourself? I love a chat, and can generally get others to open up and feel comfortable.
  6. What is your favourite time of day? Bedtime.
  7. Tell us your favourite food/cuisine. Pretty partial to Italian cuisine, and love lasagne.
  8. Name three destinations you would like to visit once in your lifetime. Italy, Germany, Belgium.
  9. If you could change something in the world, what would it be? Choose kindness more frequently. To ourselves, to others.
  10. What are you most passionate about? I think I’m going to have to say netball. I am coach to two squads (Under 11s and Beginners [aged 7-8]) and I absolutely love guiding the groups and watch them grow in skill and development.
  11. What is so special about your blog? Without a breath of false modesty, I don’t think my blog is all that special. There are so many bloggers out there it’s hard to make one stand out. However, it’s special to me as it’s my place to write. Sometimes I post short stories, other times more traditional blog posts, but it’s where I allow my creativity to be unleashed on an almost-daily basis.

My nominations for the Liebster Award are:

  1. Cage Dunn
  2. Patty Richardson
  3. Fandango
  4. Paula Light
  5. Ministry of Shrawley Walks
  6. Paeansunpluggedblog
  7. Dawn A shared space

Sorry, could only get to seven other bloggers, and if you really want to go through with this award, you can use the same eleven questions I answered above!

And that’s it, assuming you’re interested. Thanks for reading.



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