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Shelley’s new device

‘Could you elaborate on that, please?’ Shelley asked

Her mouth gaped wide as the person across the sales desk blabbed a seemingly unrelated string of words to describe the device. She hated tech-speak. She didn’t know the difference between a gigabyte and a megabyte, or whatever that new one was called. That was Dan’s area.

But Dan was gone. It was over. She needed to build her life again. Starting with a new mobile. Because you can’t do anything without a phone these days.

Pushing thoughts of Dan away, she tried to concentrate on the guy—Kai according to his name badge—as he raced through the best plans and devices. There was too much choice.

‘…and this one here,’ Kai chanted. ‘Has the best battery performance on the market today.’ He smiled.

Ah, here was something she could connect with. Battery life. Her old phone, the one Dan had taken along with all her other possessions, save a suitcase or two of clothes, needed charging every night. It was old, granted, but she didn’t use it like a teenager, watching endless YouTube clips and uploading their egos via selfies on social media.

‘But, with technology how it is,’ Kai paused, noting Shelley’s creased brow.

‘What do you mean?’ she asked.

‘You know…well, tech is fast-paced, one day a phone arrives in stores, the next day it’s usurped by something smarter, quicker.’ He cleared his throat. She wondered if he was worried he’d lost the sale.

‘I’ll take it, please,’ Shelley said. Best not to leave the guy hanging.


Photo by Tinh Khuong on Unsplash

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