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Why is there always one

My mobile rang this afternoon; the number not from within my contacts, but also not withheld.

‘Hello, this is Linda,’ I answered in a cheery tone, despite a heavy, sinking feeling in my stomach. I instinctively knew what the phone call was about.

The voice confirmed, albeit in a polite and friendly manner, my thoughts. I was not the successful applicant. Again.

Again, the feedback was the same. I was a great fit for the department and wider organisation’s culture (I actually did temp work at this workplace last year, so yeah, killed this one). I was skilled. I ticked all the requirements for the role.

But there was one other person, who pipped me in one small area. So they offered the role to that person, not me.

My last four interviews have garnered the same feedback. It’s disappointing. Crushing. Annoying.

Why is there always one other, one better, one chosen.



12 thoughts on “Why is there always one”

    1. Thanks Gary. I’m sooo disappointed, but acknowledge things in life could always be worse. I needed to rant and whinge, hence the sulky, sad-sack post. Thanks again, do hope you’re not too uncomfortable with the crossing of your body parts. 😜

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