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It’s been a long, hard and, often, demoralising process.

Some of you have been on this journey with me, listening (rather, reading) to my rants and rages over the disappointment in being overlooked for roles. I have felt, and appreciated, your support in those times when I’ve heard the word ‘NO’ in its many forms and subtexts. The knock backs from employers threatened to tear me down, break my spirit and leave a festering wound in an otherwise cheery disposition. It’s hard to remain resolute when life chucks its crap.

Happily, I can confirm that the dismay over rejections is faded, lost its sting, thanks to basking in the sunshiney brightness of being THE CHOSEN ONE. At noon this afternoon I attended an interview and I am the successful applicant. Yes, I have a job. I will start in my new place of work this coming Monday.

Let the extravaganza commence! Bring on the bells and whistles. Let’s clink glasses as we toast good times. It feels good.

Thanks, blogging friends, for being there.


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  1. A long time ago, while serving on a committee to hire a new kindergarten teacher, I learned that the reason you do or do not get hired for a job has very little to do with your ability. It is truly amazing what goes through an employer’s mind during this process.
    After being buried by depression a couple of decades ago, I decided to get a job (always been self employed since leaving teaching in 1976). Any job would do — I wasn’t proud. In my very early fifties, I was considered ‘too old’. I lost count of the number of meetings I had with 20 year olds who were going to find me a job. It was crushing to think that all I knew and all I had achieved went for nothing because I wasn’t thirty something.
    It’s a very long story, but it worked out eventually, but it hurt.
    These days, I’ve developed thicker skin — being a writer does that. We hear ‘no’ so often we almost get used to it.
    Well done on the job. May it be everything you hoped it would be. Be happy and don’t forget to be awesome. Terry

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