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The Latest

It's been a long, hard and, often, demoralising process. Some of you have been on this journey with me, listening (rather, reading) to my rants and rages over the disappointment in being overlooked for roles. I have felt, and appreciated, your support in those times when I've heard the word 'NO' in its many forms… Continue reading The Latest

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In the passage, brimming with happiness, it is like a switch flicks Julia had spent the last twenty years existing. Not experiencing all that life offered. Not truly living. Out of the blue he'd made contact. They took it slowly, old school. Phone calls, lunches and dinners, movie outings, picnics on the beach. After three… Continue reading Reunited

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Pete stood facing his bride, Margot. They held hands, stared into each other's eyes as the ordained celebrant addressed those gathered in the church building. Pete was brimming with love, pride and, if he were honest, a bit of impatience. Margot looked stunning in her white gown. Strapless, contoured, beaded. He appreciated the intricacies of… Continue reading Wedding

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WIP Meeting

'Let's be productive with our time today,' Lucy's manager said during the weekly staff meeting. Lucy sighed, annoyed at the irony. These WIP meetings were a waste of time. If the team weren't forced to meet once a week to discuss how their workload was progressing, then the work would surely progress more quickly. Or… Continue reading WIP Meeting

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Parent guilt

Yesterday morning was one of those crazy moments in parenting. I had two netball games to coach, at the same venue, one time-slot in the fixture apart (equivalent to about thirty-five minutes). T1's soccer game was earlier but in a suburb twenty minutes away, and T2 had his regular tutoring appointment at our local library,… Continue reading Parent guilt