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Sporty morning

A fabulous morning out with the kids for their sport. Our Girl's netball match was at the frightening hour of 7.45AM; they had a cracking win: 17-6. The second netball team I coached also had a win (no offspring in it, but 10-4, I think). I raced home, vacuumed down a second coffee and we… Continue reading Sporty morning

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The outback

It's considered almost abnormal to be Australian and not love the bush. And yet, I do not love the bush, the outback, the scrub. Whatever you want to call it, I don't like it. I'm a city girl; the reddish brown dust and all the insects and snakes and lizards and other creepy-crawlies can stay… Continue reading The outback

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All good things…

Children are caprice beings. There is irrefutable evidence to support this, both anecdotal (from my three alone) and empirical (just do a quick Google search if you need scholarly articles to back up my statement). However, as my darlings grow in age, I'm thrilled to see they're growing in maturity as well. I know this… Continue reading All good things…

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Here again

I've been a little busy of late and rather tristful over neglecting this space. Hopefully some of you have noticed my absence or perhaps even missed my posts. Friday afternoon, Our Girl and I visited our old neighbour, who's just had a baby girl. We spent time catching up, holding the baby, and generally making… Continue reading Here again

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It’s not just a number

Despite a healthy diet, and a huge reduction in alcohol intake, Bertha is struggling to lose kilograms. Weighing in at 99kgs, she is worried. In no way does she want to weigh a number with three figures. And damn those idiots who say, 'it's just a number.' They're usually the same type who say, 'it's… Continue reading It’s not just a number