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Here again

I’ve been a little busy of late and rather tristful over neglecting this space. Hopefully some of you have noticed my absence or perhaps even missed my posts.

Friday afternoon, Our Girl and I visited our old neighbour, who’s just had a baby girl. We spent time catching up, holding the baby, and generally making all those noises grown-ups make over newborn babies. So glad I’m not the mother of a newborn, though…those days are well behind me!

My weekend was spent at two different writers’ events.

On Saturday, I waved goodbye to my kids and Hubster as I climbed onto the tram towards the city, ready to meet up with fellow writers. We were pitching our individual manuscripts to a publisher. I sat on board the tram, my thoughts oscillating between the highfalutin and unbridled cynicism.

The morning session was great. A worksheet provided by the facilitator of the group, helped to quell my cynical thoughts. After our lunch break, preparing to meet the publisher, nerves jangled within, making my fingers shake and my tummy churn.

But it’s done now, and I play the waiting game again.

On Sunday, another group of writers (although there were three of us who’d also been present together on Saturday) locked ourselves into a room in a library to write uninterrupted on works of our choosing. Some, short stories. Others, like me, second manuscripts. All of us, however, gathered to write, write, and write.

Yesterday, my work sent me to an all-day course in the city. I love an all-day course, don’t you? The networking, the food, and there’s something fancy about being in a hotel, I reckon. And now, I have an online exam to complete relating to my learnings over the day. Fingers crossed for me!

After those few days I’m glad life is settling back into its regularities. It’s nice to be here again; there’s something comforting and familiar about the routines we set for ourselves.

Hope you’re all well, bloggers!




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