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All good things…

Children are caprice beings. There is irrefutable evidence to support this, both anecdotal (from my three alone) and empirical (just do a quick Google search if you need scholarly articles to back up my statement).

However, as my darlings grow in age, I’m thrilled to see they’re growing in maturity as well. I know this is to be expected, but there were many times when I doubted my children, particularly T1 and T2, would do so.

Last night T1 and I left home at 5.30pm to attend his last soccer training for 2019. This weekly one-on-one time with him has been such fun for me, and I reckon it’ll be a memory I cherish for the rest of my life. We’d chat in the car on the way there. During the one hour training sessions, I’d give him a long leash, conscious that I was the only parent there and didn’t want to embarrass him by helicoptering over his behaviour, especially in the early weeks as he made early bonds and connections with his team mates. I’d fetch stray soccer balls, kept goals (once), and got to know the kids in the team, and the coach. I have utmost respect for Coach J—what a job he’s done with a ragtag group of 11-12 year old boys. On the way home, T1 and I would talk some more, often about the training, or how much he loves Coach J. Once home, we’d have dinner together, kept warm and ready for us by Hubster.

I don’t know what we’ll do on Wednesday nights now. They sure won’t be the same. But we’re both already looking forward to next year, when he begins playing again.

For now, though, we prepare for Saturday, his last game. Fingers crossed it’s a win.


Photo by Jannes Glas on Unsplash

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