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Autumn has passed. Winter is over. Spring is here. The sun rises earlier in the day and sets later at night. Very soon, like in a matter of a few short weeks, we will switch to the horror that is Daylight Saving. Presently, though, we Melburnians are living in the glory of bright blue skies,… Continue reading Seasons

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Lily and Anna

Lily is usually gregarious. During the past week, though, her mum's noticed she's been sullen and withdrawn. She comes home from school, heads straight upstairs to her room, closes the door and refuses to respond to Anna's repeated attempts to engage her. Anna's worried. Her little girl, Lily. So sweet from birth. Giggling, responsive, outgoing.… Continue reading Lily and Anna

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Peg’s night out

The sun was high in the sky when Peg woke. She rolled over, burying her face in the pillow to block out the glaring streaks of daylight. Her head thumped, like the doof-doof to a bass line. Her mouth dry and her tongue thick. Peg can't remember much about last night. Can't remember how she… Continue reading Peg’s night out

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Where’s the milk?

'If anyone needs me, I'll be in the back garden!' Millie calls over her shoulder as she walks out the door. There's no response. Not that she was expecting one. They're all watching the telly, eyes wide, jaws slack and hanging. Millie reckons they're watching one of those trashy reality shows, like the Bachelor or… Continue reading Where’s the milk?

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I'm almost ready to board a flight to Adelaide to attend a friend's 50th and to see my parents. The city is affectionately known by locals as Radelaide, but to the rest of the nation it's sardonically referred to as Sadelaide. For those of you who aren't familiar with Australia, it's the (very small) capital… Continue reading Home