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Trust in the dark

I walk through the darkness in search of…a shape? Person? Dream?

I am close. I reach out. It disappears, elusive.

A voice calls my name. I turn, but the inky black prevents me from seeing. The voice calls again. Do I recognise the timbre? Should I?

I close my eyes. I see brightness reflecting on blades of grass. Ducks swimming in a glittering pond. Reeds. Flowers. Birds. Trees. The beauty of colour takes my breath away.

I open my eyes again to dense black. I take a faltering step, my hands reaching the space in front of me.

I touch softness. My fingers pinch and squeeze.

‘I thought you’d never find me,’ says Erich, with a chuckle.

‘It is you!’ My heart races. ‘I’ve been so disoriented.’

‘Yes, I rather think that’s the point. Building trust in your partner and that kind of bullshit.’

I laugh at his blunt honesty. Together, we hold hands and walk, our knuckles scraping the wall as we find our way out.

The brightness blinds me as we step outdoors. The sun warms my skin, my heart. I clutch Erich’s arm.

‘I never want to do that again,’ I say.



4 thoughts on “Trust in the dark”

  1. If this was one of those team building things I really get uncomfortable in those settings. Can you imagine groping your way around trying to find your temporary team building partner only to grab a boob or something more embarrassing?

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  2. I struggle to think who actually enjoys those team building excercises, I can not remember a single person in my whole life saying they did. It’s an industry which must have a constant battle to convince. Like parents taking their young kids out for a meal; it’ll be different/ better next time!

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