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Not broken

I had a crappy day yesterday.

Started off shortly after dropping the kids at school with a stand-off in my car on speed hump and a deranged female driver. Got to work late, still shaken by the woman’s ridiculous and rude and, frankly, psychotic behaviour. Simply cannot understand how she failed to see how she was at fault. But fucktards will always be fucktards, I guess.

Work was good, though.

At the end of work day, I walked to my car  and found a parking fine under the wiper—despite the parking permit that allows me to park in a 2hr bay all day clearly visible on the windscreen of my car. Of course, I should be able to have the fine rescinded, but that’s not the point. I have to write to the council. And due to the council being a bureaucratic department, there’s a fair chance I’ll still have to pay. I’m sure someone small-minded enough will find a loophole and use it. You know, like a feudal system, with the council as ruler and me the serf.

Yesterday was my wedding anniversary, too. 16 years. Once home with the family, my day improved. Hubster and I went out to dinner. And I realised I am not broken by the day’s challenges. That stupid woman and the parking fine still annoy me, even now, but they don’t have the power to break me.


5 thoughts on “Not broken”

  1. Well that was a crappy day Linda. Parking fines suck and unjustified fines suck harder.

    I hope you can craft a suitable story about the psychotic driver and a parking attendant that will satisfy the need for vengeance and justice 😃

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    1. I can undoubtedly craft a story based on that woman, but there won’t be too much that’s fiction about it. Oh my stars, that was just crazy! Her son was sitting in the passenger seat, hiding his face in his hands, so I don’t think it’s the first time she’s done something similar 🙂

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