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Moving on

‘Honestly, he’s not worth it,’ Ella whispered. She was rubbing the back of her twin sister, Lucia, who was bent over the toilet bowl.

Ella pulled Lucia’s hair away from her face. ‘Luce,’ Ella murmured. ‘Come on, sit back. Tell me what happened.’ Ella pulled her sister into her arms and held her as she sobbed. They sat together, comfortable in the silence and pain.

‘He said I wasn’t good enough. I wasn’t pretty enough,’ Lucia finally said. Her voice was hoarse and raspy. She cleared her throat. ‘We were at Harry’s party, downstairs. Ben had been drinking, I guess he’d had too much. Me and Soph, Sarz and Charlotte were dancing in the lounge. We weren’t drunk, though.’

Lucia stopped. She rested her head on the toilet seat. ‘I’m tired. Might go to bed.’

‘Sure, need help getting up?’ Ella helped Lucia onto her feet and led her into the bedroom they’d shared since they were born. Now seventeen, their mother wanted them to move into rooms of their own, but the girls weren’t interested. Ella pulled back the covers of Lucia’s bed and tucked her in. She sat beside her, stroked her cheek.

‘So Ben rushed over to us. He was a basket case, could hardly stand. And then, he just launched into a tirade of slurred abuse. Spit flew out of his mouth. Harry had to hold him upright.’

‘What did Ben say to you?’

‘He said I was fat. Ugly. That he regret ever hooking up with me.’

Regretted. Ella fought the urge to correct her. English wasn’t Lucia’s strong point.

Lucia glared at Ella. ‘Oh what’s wrong?’ The twin telepathy was running hot. ‘What did I say?’ Lucia rolled her eyes.

‘Nothing,’ replied Ella, feeling guilty. ‘Go on. What else did he do?’

‘He pushed me.’ Lucia hid her face in her pillow.

‘He did WHAT?’

‘He pushed me over. I fell on my hip. It’s really sore.’

‘Let’s have a look,’ said Ella, turning her over. ‘Doesn’t look too bad, Luce. Just a bit of purply-blue marks here…’ she rubbed her finger over her sister’s hip. ‘…but it’s small. I think this has been a blessing in disguise, Luce. You’re better off without Ben.’

‘Hmm,’ Lucia mumbled.

‘He’s a dick. Not a bloke who deserves you. Put him behind you. There’s better fish in the sea.’




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      1. I’d never think that, but you’re right, some new readers may wonder, “What the hell. Linda calls herself a writer and she is crap at basic grammar…” It’s a good thing I know the truth 😃😃😃

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