A twin birthday

Today is T1 and T2’s birthday.

I am currently thinking back twelve years ago, waiting and ready in the hospital. I was 34 weeks pregnant; very scared and anxious for their early arrival into the world.

I waddled into the theatre. The anaesthetist and theatre nurses helped me onto the table. My obstetrician arrived as the anaesthetist was chatting in my ear, telling me what to expect in terms of sensations, advising he’d be looking after me throughout the whole procedure. My obstetrician smiled at me.

‘Ready?’ she asked, looking at Hubster as well.

‘Yep,’ I responded shakily. Hubster squeezed my hand. Almost imperceptible, but loaded with love and reassurance. And very soon after that moment they were born, at 10:41AM and 10:42AM. T1 weighing 2.4kgs and T2, 1.8kgs.

I blinked and now they are 12. T1 almost as tall as me; T2 not far behind.

We have just given them their presents: iPhones. As you can expect they are ecstatic over it. ‘Best present ever,’ T2 said after almost knocking Hubster and me over with the force of his hug.

In the lead up to their birthday, the two of them lobbied for such a gift, of course. Most of their school friends have phones already and I suppose they felt left behind. They’re heading into secondary school next year, so a phone is a good way they can keep in contact.

For our boys, there are extensive terms of use that come with their phone ownership, including random checks from Mum and Dad, no social media accounts yet, to name just a few.

I’m sure they’ll test those boundaries sometime ahead. But for now, they are compliant, happy and enjoying their birthday.

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