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End of days

It’s been a busy week in my household. The last-ever days of primary school for T1 and T2. We’ve run the whole gamut of emotions, each and every day.

Tuesday evening was their graduation ceremony with the Year 6 class, followed by a disco party in the gym at school. There was sparkle in their smiles, and they busted moves like Jagger on the dance floor; an overload of sugar and carbs with pizzas, lollies, icy-poles, and cans and cans of soft drink was consumed.

The boys muddled along for the last few days at school; T1 struggled to keep a lid on his emotions and became unhinged at school on Wednesday, getting into a fight with a friend. Gah! Do you think I was happy getting THAT phone call from the teacher, so close to finish line?

And yesterday, their final day. A whole-of-school assembly began the day to farewell the Class of 2019, and basically they were babysat for the few remaining hours. The heat of the day (44°C FFS!) brought an anti-climatic close; our Parents’ Club had to cancel the usual whole school end-of-term icy-poles in park due to it being so farken hot. That took away the thrill for the Year 6 parents to be able take copious photos of friendship groups, picnic together with a glass of bubbles, while the kids roamed, climbed trees, and just spent time together before going their separate paths to secondary school next year.

However, a pool party for the Year 6 class had been arranged by a generous mum with a huge house, backyard and pool, whose youngest child was in the student group. Most of the group came along and spent two and a half hours cavorting in the pool, while a few mums stayed indoors in the air-conditioned home (we had clear view of the pool, kids, and all the action outdoors, in case anyone assumes otherwise 🙂 ). It was a lovely way to close out primary school.

And now, a nice long break for T1 and T2, to rest and decompress before the end of January brings a new school, new opportunities, new friendships and new challenges.



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