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Us Five

And so that was Christmas! No frost, but bright sunny skies, a BBQ’d feast with salads and a cherry ice-cream cake for dessert. Air-conditioner pumped out cool air as I napped on the couch.

Throughout the morning and early afternoon, I kept watch on news sites and my own social media feeds: fires burning around my country. Volunteer fire fighters gave up their Christmas lunch to battle the burn that tears through the dry, tinder-like land. Other volunteers gave up their time with family to provide food and drink for the firies.

It all reminded me, yet again, that in a crisis we come together. Mostly, us humans are a caring bunch. I love that about us: we whine and complain, we toot the horn in impatience while driving, we cry when we don’t get our way, but when it’s truly needed we get shit done and we realise the little things don’t matter.

This is something I hope T1 soon learns. He spent yesterday oscillating between happy and loving moments to tears of sadness. Sure, he was over-tired from lying awake most of Christmas Eve in anticipation, but in reality his tears were over not getting what he wanted.

It’s been a tough year for us, but somehow we’ve made it through and kept the roof over our heads, food in the cupboard and clothes on backs. We’ve been able to give gifts for T1and T2’s birthday recently, and Our Girl’s in April. I turned a big number this year, and Hubster ensured that my celebrations were small but highly enjoyable. And for Christmas, again, we were able to get close to, if not spot on, what each child asked for. The problem with T1, however, is his wish list reflects his desire to Keep up with the Joneses. And that’s impossible, for anyone. He’s a good kid. He’s kind and funny and most of time, respectful. I know he’ll learn, in time and with guidance. I just hope I have enough patience 🙂

Because it’s been a tough year, we stayed here in Melbourne. With school fees beginning next year (x2!) we couldn’t justify even a road trip to Adelaide to see my family. So our Christmas was home, just us five. But it was a lovely day nonetheless: yummy food, all prepared and cooked by Hubster and Our Girl, pretty table decorations, the ‘good’ crockery and glassware, white napkins. We did alright.

Merry Christmas to everyone!



7 thoughts on “Us Five”

  1. Sounds like a very sensible Christmas with the best outcomes all round. Compromise is such an art. Doing it well can bring happiness when the alternative is despair. In time T1 will learn this lesson.

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      1. I had a great day. I ate well. I spoke with those people I love. I watched a vulgar and profane movie just because I could. I watched many episodes of Stargate SG1. I fell asleep happy and dreamed happy dreams.

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