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Family Outing

We decided to take a day trip. Mostly, the decision was based on getting everyone out of the house and off devices. Where to go was the most difficult question, but we eventually decided on South Gippsland, specifically a small township near Wilson’s Promontory.

Just to add to the spontaneity factor, we threw in everyone’s toothbrushes and jarmies, in case we chose to stay overnight. This time of year, anywhere remotely touristy is popular, and The Prom is no exception. Our search for a room began in transit; however, all the small towns in the surrounding area were busy and accommodation not available. Must’ve been how Mary felt, only I’m not pregnant and my ride vastly more comfortable than a donkey. Hubster found a room in a hotel in a larger regional centre further inland, and booked online as we made our way to our destination. We enjoyed our tourist day, looking in bric-a-brac shops, cafes, lollies for the car ride, and a visitor information centre for a wind farm (god, they’re noisy). As the clock ticked towards late afternoon, we drove to our hotel room and arrived there in time for dinner and bed.

Now, we are home and I am exhausted: the aftermath of possibly the worst idea Hubster and I have ever had. One room, two queen beds, five bodiesโ€”you do the maths. Not sure that any of us slept well. I know I snatched maybe one hour…on the floor! T1 and Our Girl stretched languidly on one bed; Hubster and T2 on the other, but T2 was awake with me most of the night.

It was terrible, but one of those memory-making moments that families do best and cherish forever.


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