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The nuggets in Prime

Just before Christmas, we signed up for a month of free access to Amazon Prime. We did so in exchange for free delivery on numerous Year 7 textbooks we purchased for our boys’ school requirements.

I admit, I had no idea of the content available aside from The Grand Tour, on which T1 and Hubster are currently bingeing, and, if honest, I’m entertained by the show, too. But at night, Hubster and I have been enjoying (and finished last night) the three available seasons of The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.

This show is a glorious romp, showcasing Manhattan in the late 1950s. It does however, also highlight the vulnerable state of women in the 1950s. Sure, the titular character and her family are quite wealthy, living on the Upper West Side in NYC; therefore, her vulnerability is couched in stunning dresses, hats and shoes. For example, an entire room in her parents’ apartment is filled with dresses! But scratch away at the five-bedroom apartment, outfits, hats, and a maid, and it’s there: women’s reliance on males.

Midge Maisel is happily married with two children. She supports her husband in every way, most obviously though through his dream of becoming a comic. One particular night when he bombed on stage (he wasn’t ever good!), he pulls the rug out from under her feet, and announces he’s been having an affair and their marriage is over. She retreats with her children to her parents’ home (three floors up in the same apartment building).

To cut a long story short—and, sorry, this post was never intended as a critique of the show—Midge forges new beginnings for herself. Already living in a man’s world, Midge takes herself deeper into it by stepping, tentatively at first, into a career as a stand-up comedian. While doing so, she exhibits courage, kindness, style, humour, and unrelenting positivity; she deftly balances these traits with honesty, her femininity and, of course, her fragility.

Last night, when we turned off the telly after the end of the final episode in season three, I thought a lot about vulnerability in general. We are all vulnerable, aren’t we? Life is a risk for us all. Even stepping out the front door each day is taking a risk with our lives.  But we must leave our homes, for work, food, companionship. Love is a risk, too. We are social beings; we need connections, touch and love. But my how we can be hurt by life and love. It’s how we handle the bumps and hurts in our own lives that proves our mettle. I’d like to emulate Mrs Maisel if I ever find myself needing to start all over: wearing fabulous outfits, living in NYC.  🙂  Seriously, I hope to embody the personality traits of courage and kindness in moments of despair, vulnerability and life in general.

And with a matter of weeks left in our 30 day free trail, we have so many more options to binge on. I reckon we’ll eventually sign up for Prime, which is of course, the point of the free trial.

Enjoy your day!



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