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Life’s rhythm

Yesterday, I returned to work after a two week break. I’m not going to lie, getting up at ‘work time’ hurt, still feeling disoriented from the temporal illusion that is the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Still, I was overwhelmingly pleased to leave Hubster alone in the house with our cherubs. School holidays drain me of patience, creativity, kindness and love. Alright, I’ll be frank, the holidays suck the will to live out of me. (Anyone who’s been following my blog for a while will probably recognise this whingeing from me. 🙂 ) To sit at my work desk and pump out work, interact with my colleagues, and hold little thought of home and bored kids propelled me on my way.

Today, a non-work day, I’ve a lot planned. Exercise, possible trip to the movies with the kids, and…I’m going to send off my manuscript to a few overseas publishers who accept unsolicited submissions. It’s quite likely that I’ll hear nothing in return, or if I am bestowed with such, it will be another rejection. But I’m excited, really, to find the tenacity within to keep on trying. The rejections I’ve received over the last two years (especially the last six months) have really knocked me, and I needed to press pause, re-think, re-write sections and now I’m ready to try again. And thanks to Ministry of Shrawley Walks for the nudge, too.

Slowly, life is returning to its regular rhythm. I’m sure there’ll be bumps and rests to that beat, especially as T1 and T2 begin at their new school later this month. But it’s comforting to feel the familiar aspects of life. Don’t you think?

How’s your January so far?


9 thoughts on “Life’s rhythm”

  1. Brilliant work!! I’m sure that if you don’t put it out there it won’t get out there. If people don’t like it then screw them!! You could do a limited edition run of 150 books like record companies do, tapes too now!! I’d buy it but then I’m a completist music wise! Fingers and toes crossed!!

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      1. I’m okay now. Two men tried to relieve me of my wallet while I was out walking this morning. They maneuvered me to be between them and demanded my wallet. They were at least 30 cm taller than me. I said I wouldn’t give them my wallet and shuffled towards a well lit area where I could see CCTV cameras. They could see what I was doing and walked away into the darkness.

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