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New beginnings

Big morning in our house.

T1 and T2 began their first day in secondary school. They are excited and apprehensive, in equal measure I believe. Although if you ask them, they’ll say they’re fine.

It’s been a tricky month. The January school holidays are always long, hot and confining—in this family anyway—but this year, we’ve witnessed all the feelings in the two boys. All the good and all the bad and all the prickly bits.

There’s been shouting, tears, laughter and silly moments. There’s been huffing, eye-rolling, mumbling, questions, and too much time on devices. There’s been moments of pure joy and moments of disrespect, elements of the dramaturgical and poetic (without rhyme).

There’s been conversations which on the surface seem innocuous, but by digging a little deeper it becomes clear these chats are an allegory. T1 and T2 are telling us one thing, but the true point is hidden. I’m no psychologist; in fact, I favour the adage ‘say what you mean and mean what you say’, so I regularly flounder with subtext. Bang me over the head with clarity, please.

I’m relieved to see them begin this new chapter in their lives. The lead-up to it, and the emotions of finishing primary school has been exhausting. Kids need structure, routines and friendships, and school supply all these effectively. The school they’re going to is one that provides all the academic requirements (of course), but also the guidance and nurturing needed to grow boys into good, decent young men. This is my hope for them, above all.

I am confident they’ll have a good first day. I’m nervous for them; T2 particularly, who is less outgoing than T1, more sensitive, with learning difficulties to boot. The first few weeks will be disorienting, challenging and fun, and it will take them time to find their feet. But I know they’ll find their people.

Have a great day, blogger friends!


Photo by moren hsu on Unsplash


11 thoughts on “New beginnings”

  1. Good luck to the two “T’s” I’m sure they’ll thrive. My son “A” went to secondary school last September because in England things are done in a correct order and at the right time, but he loved it, he’d grown out of primary and was ready for the new change and challenge. He’s changed, sure, but not as much as he’d lead you to believe, he’s still a little softie at heart despite the allegorically hard edges! It’s what we don’t see which is telling. Good luck to them both!

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      1. Pissing yourself I mean! They’ll be fine, like I say A is still small but gives it the “Big I Am” we can see through his disguise, right now, before school, he’s sat in bed with us eating biscuits and watching footy! My daughter just grunts in the morning, she’s 16 and must not be messed with!

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