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Lost and Found

In what now seems like forever ago but in actuality was only Monday, T1 came home from school without his new school bag.

Day Three of secondary school.

To be fair and clear, it wasn’t his fault. Another student had taken it at the end of the day by mistake. Fortunately, his phone, textbooks and his new laptop were not in the bag so we were only down a front door key, lunchbox and small change for tuckshop goodies.

He took it pretty well. On Tuesday, he headed to school with a sling bag, one of those sorta-gym-back-pack bags with straps/handles that you pull to tighten the opening. Terrified the straps were going to snap, he carried it like a newborn. He was hopeful (as we were) that his school bag would be found, and he could roll up the replacement back-pack and shove it into the school bag.

It didn’t turn up.

T1 emailed Hubster during the day, asking if we could buy a new bag. He felt out of place and awkward without the proper bag and with a brown paper bag containing his lunch. We’re not haemorrhaging money, so forking out $60 for a bag, THREE DAYS INTO SCHOOL was not a pleasant thought, but I remember all too clearly how important it is to fit in at high school. So off we went to the uniform shop, which fortunately is only a 15 minute drive away from home.

T1 happily walked off to school on Wednesday morning with a new school bag. Pleased to blend in again, relieved to be ‘one of the boys’.

And, like magic, the original bag turned up on Wednesday. Course it did.

Have just driven back to the uniform shop to get a refund.

Moral of the story: tell your kids to suck it up. Just for one more day 🙂



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