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A Dream

I dream of places far and near, by the beach or in a treetop hideaway. Pristine accommodation, a huge bathtub for soaking and maybe a hammock in which to nap or read a book. Mountains with cable cars, walking tracks provide new sights to explore. Boat rides and bus tours with guides who tell tales of the region, bestowing their wisdom as we’re moved from landmark to landmark.

My children gaze in wonder as they walk through bustling streets and market places. We stop at a cafe to rest; we buy ice-creams and cheese, bread and nuts, fruit and mocktails. And coffee. When we feel re-charged, we head out again and return to our holiday home only as dusk softens the sky.

We sleep, exhausted but thrilled. Excited to be away as a family.

But for now, I wake in my bed. Rise and repeat my daily life and think about how much I’d like to go on vacation, even though I know it is impossible. Out of reach, at least for now.

2 thoughts on “A Dream”

  1. I dream of a place close to the beach, spending days in the surf, eating burgers all day and pizza at night. Falling asleep exhausted from swimming and then waking to the sunrising and doing it all over again…

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