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The view from the aisles

Goodness, it seems we’re in quite a predicament.

People of Australia are bracing for Covid19 impact by behaving in quite a selfish manner. Most of the population have jettisoned social norms and niceties; they no longer tolerate positive aspects of community living: sharing, kindness, and even the Aussie attitude of ‘she’ll be right, mate!’ I am astonished and appalled by what I’m seeing.

Hubster and I were at the supermarket yesterday, shopping for a few essentials to plump up the pantry. I’m between pays so we had to be extremely careful and stick to a meagre budget. We didn’t need toilet paper or paper towels. Just as well, the shelves displaying toilet paper aisle were bare, as seems to be the status quo over the last week or so. Only a few days ago, a mother and her adult (?) daughter got into a fight with another customer at a Woolies store in Western Sydney over packs of toilet paper in trolleys. I mean, come on!

As we wandered the aisles, numerous people of all ages dashed to the checkouts with two or more twenty-four packs of toilet paper. Hubster and I whispered to each other about the craziness in this. We wondered who was the first person to start stocking their homes with toilet paper and how did the panic infiltrate to those who normally show a spirit of sense, reason, and calm? While in-store, two pallets of stock were rolled out by staff to place on the shelves. What’s the point, I wanted to ask. Why not just leave the pallet by the checkouts and save customers the extra footsteps? I know the answer; I understand the basics of marketing and the psychology behind the placement of goods.

We did need hand soap as we’d run out of the refill pack and with three kids in the house, hand-washing is an absolute necessity (it’s a necessity whoever is in the house, I might add!). No refill packs were available in store, so I had to buy a new pump for more than the amount of the refill I usually buy. Not happy.

I don’t understand the panic. Of course, there’s mainstream media fuelling it. And obviously, social media, which I’m increasingly finding to be the root of all that is evil and wrong with society. But seriously, from my albeit non-professional and non-medical understanding, Covid19 looks to be no more dangerous to the majority of us than influenza. It’s a virus, so it needs a host, and will seek and find one. If it finds a host who is elderly or very young, or with pre-existing medical conditions, then yes, it’s considered life-threatening, just like the ‘flu.

A reasonably fit person who is struck with Covid19, although unfortunate, will most likely be knocked off their feet with respiratory issues, aches and pains, and shut-in for a fortnight or so. Again, I’m no medical expert, but this is my understanding. My WP friend Gary, however, does have some sensible things to say and quite a bit of medical knowledge to back it up. Check out his blog for information that has base to it as well as a chuckle.

In the meantime, idiot people of Australia, pull your heads in! Stop being selfish arseholes. Stop on-selling your hoarded toilet paper for your own profit. That’s beyond despicable. Let’s choose kindness and calm. Let’s embrace goodness and show support to our fellow humans. We’re in this world together, after all.

8 thoughts on “The view from the aisles”

  1. My sympathies to you on the rudeness you encountered, and thanks for joining our prompt.

    I’m with you on this one. A 4% death rate, and that of already health-compromised people, is pretty low. My hubby checked the stats the other day and said, “So far about as many people have died all over the word from this virus as what usually die here in Canada every winter from normal ‘flu viruses.” And are we dropping like flies? No.

    What really scares me is the power of the mass media to create a panic on this scale over a relatively normal issue. When it all blows over we’ll heave a sigh of relief, put “Corona” on the list right under SARS, and await the next predicted global disaster. There are bound to be more; we need something to be excited about.

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    1. So true… for most of us our lives are so comfortable that we grow bored so it becomes an easy buy-in when there’s a panic like this. I read somewhere, not so long ago, that the world needs another war, to toughen up snowflakes and bring back a sense of awareness of togetherness. Not sure I wholeheartedly agree with this, but it was an interesting viewpoint, nonetheless.

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  2. I agree ever so much Linda. I am lucky I live in the bush and self isolate most of the time anyway. I may start selling gum leaves for people to use. I have lots of those 😀 😀

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