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Calm in a crisis

These are certainly trying circumstances.

Sent the Hubster down to Coles this morning while I did the before-school shuffle with the kids. Not sure which of us got the rough end of the stick (I think me!). He had to queue up and wait until the clock had ticked 8AM, as pensioners only allowed to shop from 7-8AM. Meanwhile, I had three kids poking fun at each other, shedding tears and shouting. Lots of cutting tones and death stares, too, as I reprimanded them over their behaviour.

Afterwards, my offer for a family hug was denied by T2. I felt jilted, but remained sangfroid. If you’ll allow me the chance to toot my own horn, I was quite proud of staying calm in the face of T2’s stormy rejection.

And back at Coles, Hubster kept updating me on his progress. As 8AM drew near, those in the queue became edgy and fidgety. Once the doors opened, he reckoned it was on like Donkey Kong, with hoards rushing towards the toilet paper aisle. From Hubster’s text reports, it seemed as though he too stayed calm as those around rushed. The G-force created by rebel fighters speeding to grab the freshly stocked toilet paper nearly knocked him off his feet. But like the tortoise and the hare, he came out a winner.

I think that’s the message for us all in these times. Remain calm, and we can all be winners.

Stay healthy!


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